Why Research?

Time and cost effective

Our service is targeted at identifying and attracting the best candidates in the market.  This can be achieved in as little as 2 days research or for more in depth campaigns can be well in excess of that.  We do however quote up front and each project is reviewed on its own merits.  You will therefore know what the associated cost and timescale will be prior to agreeing to go ahead with the project.

Targeted approach

We specifically target the best people for the search in question.  We are not waiting for an ad response or trawling through an existing database.  We are going to the desired market to find the best people to fulfil our clients need.


We work with our clients to tailor a service that best suits their needs.


Our services are as commonly used in the retail sector as they are in financial services.  Our skill is being able to identify the right people to any given brief.  Whether that be the Chief Executive of an international blue chip firm or a junior engineer within an engineering consultancy.  The process is the same, we just need to understand what you require, and we then put together a strategy to deliver that.


We get them