Talent Mapping

What is Talent Planning?

It is a tool to identify and plan long term talent acquisition strategies.  It is also a mechanism to assist your own internal succession planning activities by already having access to information regarding your competitors and the talented individuals within those businesses.

You can then find out through intelligence and by making discreet direct contact with those people to understand if they would consider working for your organisation.

It is becoming ever more important for companies to plan for the future with regards to the leaders of tomorrow.  It is also important for companies take more of a proactive rather than reactive approach to finding future leaders.  It is a distinct advantage to already have suitable candidates in a pipeline for future recruitment needs rather than reacting to a need and playing catch up on your competitors.


What we can do for you

Fresh Search has the capability and experience to map talent pools within key organisations which can involve identifying the internal structure including reporting lines and roles of responsibility.  We can also capture information about key individuals experience, track record of success, skills, academic background, salary information and maybe more importantly what are the factors that would make them consider a move.

Not only are we able to identify this information within your competitor firms but from our diverse and extensive experience across all market sectors we are in a position to advise our clients where talent with transferable skills may be found that may not be in the client’s current market.

If a Talent Planning project is undertaken and added to over a sustained period of time it can offer the benefits of:

  • Complement internal succession plans and likely availability of external talent.
  • Speed up the recruitment process.
  • Give you a more informed decision about what can be done and whether to spend time internally training that next succession rather than looking externally for someone who doesn’t exist
  • Gives you valuable information on competitor companies.