Our Services

With the experience that the team of Fresh Search Solutions has gained over the years, we have added more and more services to our offering, many of which are at the request of clients.  This is why we offer more than the classic Executive Search services.

Candidate Search

Fresh Search Solutions provides extensive, accurate research for clients on both a national and an international scale, through three main services:

Target List Generation

In close collaboration with our client, we produce a list of target companies at which the person you are seeking is most likely working.  These companies could either be key competitors or be outside the client’s particular market sector.


Using our wealth of experience and imagination, we then confidentially identify the relevant people within the structure of each company – in many cases we will specifically map the entire department thus, in addition, providing our client with a comprehensive view of possible candidates.

Candidate Approach

We then approach these relevant candidates in the utmost of confidence.  When a candidate expresses an interest in the role, we will ascertain their background, aspirations and salary details.  Following each conversation of this type, we will then produce a candidate profile and request a CV.

Market Mapping and Organisational Structures

This is a skill that comes essentially with years of research experience.  We have been asked by many clients to undertake mapping exercises where departments, teams, offices or even full companies have been required.  We have successfully executed this on behalf of numerous clients in diverse market sectors.  To give an example:

A manufacturing business producing highly engineered products for the Oil & Gas industry was looking to seriously increase their project management team and design team.  Our remit was to map the same teams within competitor companies as well as manufacturing businesses where candidates with transferable skills would currently be working.  This included other highly engineered industries such as Aerospace, Process, Transportation etc.

We presented our client with a map of the project management teams from head to junior project managers and then the design teams from head of design to graduate mechanical design engineers.  This mapping will now be used to recruit numerous candidates over a 12 month period.

Salary Benchmarking

Salary benchmarking is a useful tool for a client to gain information about the current market rates for a certain position, especially if it’s a new type of recruit for a client or an area where the client is losing employees to competitors.

This service assists clients in understanding what needs to be offered for recruiting the best talent in the market.  To give an example:

A major international company was looking to recruit a senior HR Role.  We mapped the senior HR team within the FTSE 100 and then made contact with those identified to ascertain salary details and what they would need to tempt them away from their current company.

Talent Mapping/Planning

What is Talent Planning?

It is a tool to identify and plan long term talent acquisition strategies.  It is also a mechanism to assist your own internal succession planning activities by already having access to information regarding your competitors and the talented individuals within those businesses.

You can then find out through intelligence and by making discreet direct contact with those people to understand if they would consider working for your organisation.

It is becoming ever more important for companies to plan for the future with regards to the leaders of tomorrow.  It is also important for companies take more of a proactive rather than reactive approach to finding future leaders.  It is a distinct advantage to already have suitable candidates in a pipeline for future recruitment needs rather than reacting to a need and playing catch up on your competitors.

What we can do for you

Fresh Search has the capability and experience to map talent pools within key organisations which can involve identifying the internal structure including reporting lines and roles of responsibility.  We can also capture information about key individuals experience, track record of success, skills, academic background, salary information and maybe more importantly what are the factors that would make them consider a move.

Not only are we able to identify this information within your competitor firms but from our diverse and extensive experience across all market sectors we are in a position to advise our clients where talent with transferable skills may be found that may not be in the client’s current market.

If a Talent Planning project is undertaken and added to over a sustained period of time it can offer the benefits of:

  • Complement internal succession plans and likely availability of external talent.
  • Speed up the recruitment process.
  • Give you a more informed decision about what can be done and whether to spend time internally training that next succession rather than looking externally for someone who doesn’t exist
  • Gives you valuable information on competitor companies.

Business Intelligence

What is Business Intelligence?

In its simplest form, business intelligence is information that is useful to one business regarding another business/market/individual etc.

Information or intelligence can be useful in a myriad of situations in everyday business life.  Usually however the information revolves around strategic business planning and to gain competitive advantage.

Knowing your market and knowing your competition has always been important.  But in today’s every changing world having the right information can be the difference between huge success and complete failure.

What can we assist you in finding out?

  • Benchmarking exercise’s against competitor companies.
  • Salary Surveys
  • Due Diligence Exercises
  • Talent Banking for future requirements (cross over with Talent Mapping)
  • Brand perception audits
  • Exit interviews of employees who are leaving to understand reasons for leaving
  • Mapping organisational structures of competitors

Due to our exceptional experience across all markets and levels, if the list doesn’t include a question that needs answering please do inquire as we can tailor our services to meet any requirement.