Case Studies


Our client, an Oil & Gas manufacturing business were looking to recruit a Senior Manufacturing Project Manager.  They would also look at Project Managers as well as Junior Project Managers.

We compiled a list of target organisations which included direct competitors to our client within the Oil & Gas arena as well as a good number of companies that manufactured highly engineered products within sectors such as Aerospace, Defence, Energy and so on.

We then mapped the project management teams within the businesses from the head of the team down to the junior members of the team.  Once the mapping was complete and we had identified the best targets within each business we confidentially approached the relevant candidates.  The main focus being on fulfilling the search of the Senior PM but also included approaching candidates for the more junior roles.

From 8 days research we were able to present our client with 6 relevant and interested candidates for the Senior PM search but also added a further 8 candidates who were at the PM and Junior PM level.  The end result being that our client secured the right candidate for the Senior PM role but also recruited a further 2 candidates at PM level from the one search.

Market Mapping

Our client was a leading accountancy firm that were looking to expand their teams across a number of internal departments including Audit, Corporate Finance and Tax.  We were tasked to identify relevant people within all relevant departments from Partner down to newly qualified Accountants in 5 locations.

We first compiled a target list of the top 30 practices in each location.  This obviously included the main national accountancy firms with regional offices as well as including large regional practices.

We then mapped the Audit, Corporate Finance and Tax teams within each location from the Partner and the head of the team down through Directors, Senior Managers, Managers, Assistant Managers, Associates/Executives etc.

The final result gave our client a clear picture of the make-up of their competitor firms in each location.  This gave our client not only a picture of who target for their recruitment needs but also market knowledge to understand the size of competitor teams.  Due to our success with the mapping exercise our client asked us to make all of the confidential approaches for their future recruitment needs.

Salary Benchmarking

Our client was looking to attract talent outside of their own market sector and from a market sector they had no knowledge of.

Before they considered undertaking an in-depth search of the market or went forward with any recruitment advertisements they thought it would worthwhile to get an understanding of the market in terms of what they would need to pay to attract the right talent.

In the same way as we would approach a normal search we put together a target list of companies that satisfied our clients need.  We then identified the relevant people based on the brief from the client.

We then confidentially approached the candidates keeping the brief very open but being able to understand what it would take them to consider a move and then how that compared to their current package.

The result of this being that we were able to present back to our client a good understanding of the market rate to attract quality candidates from this market.  Not only that but it gave us access to specific candidates that would consider a move and we knew what package it would take to tempt them away for the right role.

Our client asked us to go back to a number of individuals who they were interested in speaking to, we were able to give our client 4 relevant and interested candidates to speak to and they appointed 2 candidates.

Our client originally commissioned a 10 day project for the salary survey and then added a further 2 days but from that investment they recruited 2 top quality candidates from a different market sector.